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Luminosity vs. Frequency

30. November 2013 2 Kommentare

This article is based on a thread that I saw over at ModelMayhem:

In retouching and compositing one task that needs to be done fairly often is masking things and creating selections.
Hopefully this will help you understand the process a little better and make it easier for you to quickly select areas that would be hard to select with other methods.
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Technical „Did you know?“

12. September 2013 Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

This is going to be my first article in English, since some people told me they use translators to read the stuff I write here. I’m guessing most of my German readers don’t have problems with English, so this might be a good idea for the future, depending on how much extra effort it is to write this in English as opposed to German. This time I want to just throw in some small bits and pieces of information that you might find useful/interesting. Sort of a technical „Did you know?“.
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